Lockwood and Mason checks out Tower Grove South

We love our city of neighborhoods! Fall is a great time to check out these different neighborhoods and what they offer. With the humidity gone (well, almost gone, we St. Louis-ans know it can be humid in February) and a local coffee roasters drip in hand, walking through a St. Louis neighborhood can be an adventure.

This past weekend I took my daughter on a field trip to Artscope in Tower Grove Park. It’s easy to overlook, located in a small, stone building at the corner of Arsenal and Center Cross in Tower Grove park. It’s an open format way of teaching art to kids (and families), allowing them to discover and create on their own terms.


After creating a masterpiece using only nature, my daughter and I walked through the park. Fortunately for us, we were visiting on a Saturday morning, which meant live music and a nutella-banana crepe from the Holy Crepe food truck beckoned us to the Tower Grove Farmers Market!

I was reminded of when my husband and I first moved to St. Louis in 2003. We lived near the corner of Arsenal and Hartford. We’d spend mornings running through Tower Grove park, followed by coffee at one of the unique cafe offerings. Of course this was before 3 children; Saturdays look a bit different now! However, I found myself taking in all that I love about Tower Grove South.

For example, the very building where Artscope is located reminded me of a cozy cottage castle. Easily over looked, it has been brought to life by a non-profit making an impact for the good in the community. Looking around the jewel that is Tower Grove Park and its surrounding neighborhoods, one can feel the thriving community. Whether its a renovation of a 19th and early 20th Century duplex or the funk and jive of South Grands restaurants and stores, Tower Grove South is a fabulous neighborhood.   

The southern half of St. Louis ranges across miles of landscape and two centuries of history and development. It includes a unique urban landscape, some of the greatest city parks and limitless dining and shopping entertainment. These qualities and more will welcome you to Tower Grove South.

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